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Saron Crenshaw (USA)

Blues for Soul

SaRon Crenshaw learned to play guitar at the age of ten. He is an extremely talented guitarist who travels the country playing Jazz and Rhythm and Blues. He has shared stages with artists such as Bobby Rush, Jessie James and Chuck Roberson. In 2010 and 2011 SaRon had the honor of opening up for Robert Cray and B.B. King on the big stages of Connecticut. and won love from the audience with his acoustic performances. SaRon is a powerful entertainer and is never afraid to take his performance straight into the audience.

Saron Crenshaw has the unique ability to connect with his audience on a profound level. His impeccable guitar skills, characterized by powerful and intricate blues riffs, further enhance his performances, creating an electrifying atmosphere wherever he takes the stage.

Throughout his career, Saron has become renowned for his dynamic live shows, bringing audiences

to their feet with his infectious energy and genuine love for the music he creates.

He effortlessly blends traditional blues with contemporary influences, infusing his own personal touch and style into every song.

SaRon Crenshaw recorded a live album in The Netherlands: Goin’ to get Deep, label Blind Bee Records. In Europe SaRon will be guided by Blind B’ & the Visionairs.


Soul-Influenced, Contemporary Electric Blues, could listen for hours, just  WOW!

– Blues Blast Magazine (USA) 

“A warm voice and a marvelous guitar player. Great performer.”

-Rootstime (BE)

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