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Muddy What?

Winner German Blues Challenge 2021

MUDDY WHAT? stands for NEW BLUES!!

The three young musicians give the traditional style a modern, refreshing and distinctive touch.

Wafting delta sounds, funky beats, delicate ballads and then again stomping blues: the trio shows itself to be multi-faceted with dynamic light-heartedness.

The siblings Fabian Spang (git, voc) and Ina Spang (guitar,mandolin),

together with Michi Lang (dr, bass), are among the busiest touring musicians in Germany.

For years they have been an established part of the blues community.

Playing in their formation since 2006, they inspire the audience with their many

facets and radiant enthusiasm. Unmistakable: the enchanting sound of Ina’s mandolin.

With great flexibility and a noticeable wealth of experience, the trio is always in tune with the location and the audience, sometimes with an electric and sometimes with an acoustic setup on stage.

What becomes particularly clear at their concerts:

The three musicians engage with each other sensitively in their playing, give each other space and understand each other blindly. On stage they become a unity, this is exactly what results in this intense and captivating blues.

Hans von Draminski writes:

"Intelligent bridge between then and now. The trio "Muddy What?", for all their reminiscences, also sets their own accents. Fabian Spang is a very present singer with an individual timbre, Michi Lang is a reliable rhythm machine, even if the beat gets a little more complicated. The actual joker has wild curls and incredibly fast fingers: Ina Spang is one of the decided virtuosos of the blues, her electric guitar solos are as fast as they are accurate. Ina takes it in the direction of psychedelic music, the guitar tells stories of imaginary dimensions and wondrous creatures".

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