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Big D & Captain Keys

2 Experienced Professionals with more than 500 shows in Europe.

Edwin and Nico (Hammond player and singer of The BluesBones ) decided to try a new project called Big D & Captain Keys.

This idea for this new duo comes from Visiting  the European Blues Challenges a few times.

In the hotel bar or Airport was always a piano present and they could not resist to play some songs and people who listened to it really enjoyed the performance . So this was how the idea came to mind.

So they began thinking of forming a duo to play some intimate shows for an audience that wants to listen to songs in the purest way possible. 2 voices a Cabasa and piano !


If you want to hear some original songs and some covers mostly Blues but sometimes crossing borders to other genre's you can book this band and know you will have quality performers.

With the BluesBones they achieved many great things like:

Nr.1 Blues/Rock Charts top 50 USA 2020

Nr.1 Blues Charts top 40 UK 2020

Nr.1 Blues Charts top 40 UK 2018

Nr.2 Blues Charts top 40 UK 2016


2nd Place European Blues Challenge 2017

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