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Just released a new album "The Way It Is" 13/05/2022

The Way It Is is both the title and motto of this album. This is how Black Cat Biscuit looks at life. Feel a smile, shed a tear; these songs are real and captured from our lives.

We recorded this album in a traditional way: on tape, in a “one-take” and nothing hidden. These songs are down to earth and allow the listener to enjoy what life has to give.

Strive for perfection; take it as it comes, “The Way It Is”.

Look through our eyes and maybe you will recognize yourself?

Here's the new video "That's The Way It Is"

 Debut album That's how the cookie Crumbles 6th position in Blues Charts  top 40 UK 2018

No well-trodden paths or worn-out covers with Black Cat Biscuit, but a surprising, sometimes foxy cocktail of fresh songs marinated in a special gumbo hot sauce, brought by five driven musicians!


Yasser (Six-Pack, Wood & Roses) is your host with a gin-soaked blues voice who yet leads his swinging guitar and the rest of the band with a steady hand. 

Patrick ‘P. Daddy Alley’ Indestege (Big Mama's Kitchen, Rhythm Bombs, Elmore D, Ale & Alley)

on double bass makes together with Jeffrey Gijbels (Belgium's Got Talent, Festeyn)

on drums a brilliant rhythm section team that swings like a tit!

Raffe Claes (Tensfiels) is one of the most respected blues guitarists of the Benelux, his sound is a mix of his role models Magic Sam, Albert Collins, and Johnny Guitar Watson, complemented by his own typical feeling and technique.

Mr Mark Sepanski (the Monday Lovers, six-pack) blows the top of his lungs and converts the last doubters to the Bluesdom.  


Black Cat Biscuit plays a conjuring gig that you should not miss, after having seen this nothing will ever be the same!

Come and see us!

Black Cat Biscuit

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