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José Reis on bass, Jorge Mister Shuffle Oliveira on drums, Bino Ribeiro on harmonica and guitar and João Belchior on lead guitar and vocals, proudly are the hotest blues band in Portugal,

Peter Storm and The Blues Society !

Four experienced musicians, with own sound signature, strong stage presence, voice and style, decided to put together an exciting band, taking a all step forward on their game.

PS&TBS dresses with elegance, with an image that represents and take us to the more conservative side of the blues, presenting their acclaimed original songs by recreating the right atmosfer of immemorial times, taking the audience to an unforgetable journey.

Suitable to every event, big festivales or small intimate events, PS&TBS can adapte their show, arrange the songs, change the backline, to deliver the best for each moment and venue.

An acoustic set is something that PS&TBS can also presents, taking their songs to the roots, closing and direct act to the right audience is well received anytime. A plus to personal events, a game change in Blues panorama.

Peter Storm and The Blues Society are much more than a Blues band for Blues Festivals.
If the Blues are the base, in their show and concerts they have the capability to joint diferent ages and sound likes, making a trueconnection with everybody.

Nobody stays quiet in a PS&TBS ... the audience sings along every song and happly participate in the chorus, dancing at music pace.
PS&TBS sing from the heart their original and inspired lirycs, play their instruments with great skills, and share always love to all !

“ FIRST ”, the first album released in 2020, with 3 original songs, showed their quality. The second album will be recorded in Autumm 2022, mostly made with originals lirycs and melodies; they have new stories to tell , new Blues songs!

Peter Storm and The Blues Society were elected the Best Blues Band in Portugal, therefore they represented the country in the European Blues Challenge, in Malmö, Sueden, in June 2022, given a great show and quickly gained acceptance by evryone present,

proven they are ready to stay in the International Blues scene.

Recognized by their pairs, they are often invited to play with some of the best international bands that are touring in Portugal... like, Trevor Sewell, Diunna Greenleaf, Shanna Waterstown, Slam Allen, Janice Harrington, to name a few.

2022 have been the best year so far, now that we are free from the Covid desert,

having the schedule calendar full of great events !
CBT Rock, Wine & Blues Festival, BB Blues Fest, European Blues Challenge, Sons no Parque, Hotfive, Festival dos Canais, Porto Blues Fest, and a 10 concert tour through Northem Spain, with the best feedback, and many other great opportunities to be on stage, are just some of the events that took them to a higher level.

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