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** Winner European Blues Challenge 2022 **

This band amazed all the people in Malmo Sweden and the became the winner in this competition with 24 countries

At 16 year old Dave Warmerdam (Hammond/piano) made it to the Semi - finales on the International Blues Challenge in Memphis  2017 (USA)

You could say the future of the Blues as they are still so young (early 20's)

But it's like old Blues souls are trapped in these young Bodies!

Just released their debut album " A Fool's Paradise vol.1" Nov 2021

And here you can listen to the first Single of the Album " The River"

Dave Warmerdam founded his band under his own name, after he amazed everyone with his piano talent in Memphis in the semifinals of the International Blues Challenge.

Guitarist Sonny Ray and singer Janne Timmer jumped on board shortly afterwards and a special trio was born. The necessary experience was gained. The band found their fans in overcrowded bars and at blues festivals. After a strong live album, 2020 promised bigger stages, bigger festivals and tours to Germany and Belgium, but the pause button was pressed by the pandemic.

So the band got to work. New material was written and the idea for a 12-piece band was born. The influences of Joe Bonamassa, Dire Straits, Little Feat and BB King were fused together and Harlem Lake came out of the oven. Dave Warmerdam Band renamed itself and with their new name they directly refer to their roots: the Haarlemmermeer polder.


A few months after the name change, there was a changing of the guard. Benjamin Torbijn and Kjelt Ostendorf took on the drums and bass. The first concert of the new quintet was in 013, supporting Walter Trout. Harlem Lake rocked the stage and prepared the sold-out venue in Tilburg for their first album.


On their debut album 'A Fool's Paradise vol. 1' you can hear some odes to the blues, but especially beautifully composed songs with influences from Americana, rock and soul. Dave's thoughtful arrangements closely match the lyrics of Janne, who is known for her poetic metaphors and powerful voice. Sonny Ray tops it off with emotions coming from deep inside. They tell the ancient stories of love, loss and longing by sharing a shameless sketch of their inner world.

This Band can be booked in a 5 pers. or 10 pers.  formation all over Europe.

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