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Fresh New BluesBand from UK

King Street Turnaround

Feat. Jon Amor ( Well known from The Hoax the best Blues Band ever to come out of the UK)

Having crossed paths in their numerous experiences on the U.K scene,

the four mercenaries that comprise KST (said Mercenaries have performed all over Europe and the U.S. with the likes of the Hoax, Van Morrison, Marc Ford of the Black Crowes,

Bernie Marsden, Jim Mullen, John Etheridge, and the Haggis Horns)

finally decided to join forces in 2019 and indulge in their mutual love of Blues and Funk, delivering high-energy sets across the land.

It's a heavy soup of shimmy and shuffle.

It's the boom of a kick,

it's the shake of a hip.

Like King Street, it's cobbled together for a purpose, and like a blues turnaround,

it takes the audience from what it was to what it is" 


Jon Amor- guitar and vocals

Jerry Soffe-Bass

Evan Newman-Keys

Tom Gilkes- Drums