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One of Philadelphia’s finest exports to Europe,

soul singer, songwriter, and performer Juwana Jenkins is

poised to reveal her debut solo single “Long Time” in January 2018.

After almost 20 years in the game, Jenkins’ rich delivery and gospel-infused vocals have become her

trademark, with original songs steeped in a vast range of musical traditions, from Delta blues to early

funk. The eagerly-awaited “Long Time” recalls the hypnotic grooves of such soulful legends as Gladys

Knight & The Pips and Isaac Hayes, powered by Jenkins’ modern flavor and fiercely energetic edge. The

song is, in her own words, “for everybody who is on their grind, in their grind, nose to the grindstone”.

Renowned for her fiery, feel-good performances, Jenkins has been delighting and uplifting audiences

across the US, Europe, and Asia throughout her career.

She has also worked with a diverse array of artists,

serving as front-woman for bands including Tonny’s Blues Band, Murphy Band, Tina Turner Tribute, and,

most notably, her own backing All-Star Mojo Band. Her much-acclaimed collaboration with noted

harmonica player Charlie Slavik, The Blues Keeps You Alive (Charisma Records, 2012), garnered the attention of music critics and earned Jenkins the title of “Blues Queen”.

Raised in the Baptist church, gospel was the bridge through which Juwana met the blues. Though she

can’t remember a time when she wasn’t singing, her motivation to write and perform music has always

stemmed from an ingrained urge to "share and uplift, motivate and elevate people”.

She moved to Prague,Czech Republic in 1998, packing the lush,

stirring sounds of old-school Philly with her and never looking back.

Now that Jenkins is embarking on her first solo endeavor, she is set to experiment with new musical

genres and directions. While still heavily influenced by the strings and sensuality of

soul and old-school, her upcoming sound also explores blends of rock and hip-hop inspired beats.

Another forthcoming single “Thank You”, promises to be an edgy and raw rock anthem for anyone who’s

ever gotten back up from defeat.

As she continues to write, record, and fulfill her mission to unleash audiences’ inner-passions,

Jenkins has one message to the world:

“If you need a dose of musical inspiration, I got you. I just want to provide a

soundtrack, something to keep you going on your way.”